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How to Make a Goo-Gone Substitute Recipe

DIYJessica Snively

As a candle-maker who deals in reclaimed mugs, jars, and cans, I spend a good chunk of time removing pesky stickers and labels. The can labels for my can candles are especially frustrating—that glue is thick! I've used Goo Gone and Goof Off, in both liquid and wipe form, and have found they don't work all that well, plus they're expensive and smell pretty weird. 

So I consulted DIY Natural, and found that the miracle product coconut oil can come to the rescue. This natural adhesive remover recipe is very simple, and just requires two ingredients: baking soda and coconut oil. 


It removes stubborn stickers and adhesives much more quickly and more effectively than the store-bought adhesive removers, and it doesn't leave your hands smelling like chemicals. And I bet you have these items in your cupboard already!