Milton and Margie's Soy Wax Candles

Wines of Chile: Love Wine, Love Chile

Jessica Snively

Recently, I had the immense pleasure of traveling to Dallas to lead a soy candle-making and wine-pairing workshop for a bunch of bad-ass food and wine blogger babes at Wines of Chile's event Love Wine, Love Chile.

The event was at Studios 1019, a verdant event space filled with lush greenery, soft natural lighting, and a soothing waterfall wall instillation. At one point, a little corgi came trundling into the room—he's the owner's pup and they live in the building. I thought about kidnapping the owner and somehow blackmailing her into trading lives with me, but then I got too drunk on Chilean wine to do anything. Oh, well; there's always next time. I mean, look at this. 


After everyone mingled and took copious amounts of photos for their totally baller Instagram accounts (see Wright Kitchen, Chicago Food Authority, and Grapefriend), they gathered at my station. I taught them how to make soy candles in reused cut wine bottles, and brought scents for them to pair with their favorite wine. Because my palate is cool with Franzia, I knew I would need some help in making the right wine selections, so I worked with Master Sommelier Fred Dex, an expert in Chilean wines. We made some downright dreamy candle and wine pairings, which you can drool over here.


The next station was gift wrapping with Brittni Mehlhoff of Paper and Stitch, a bright and modern DIY and styling blog. She taught the ladies how to make adorable denim wine bags accented with pom-poms, and then my head exploded because everything was around me was so perfect and inspiring.


As though we weren't drinking enough wine and eating a bajillion appetizers like bacon-wrapped dates and blue cheese and apple quesadillas already, we moved onto the wine and food pairing station. I can now say that I know some things about wine! Who knew you should consider the food's color when pairing it with wine? I sure didn't. But now I'm ditching the box wine and frozen pizza and only consuming Chilean carmenere with rack of lamb. They also recommended serving rosé at Thanksgiving, and that made me nod enthusiastically. 


Lastly, and perhaps the most gorgeous part of the event, was the Instagram studio. It was a sun-drenched room filled with rustic yet modern cutting boards, flatware, cloth napkins, and floral arrangements that would make Martha Stewart feel a gnawing sense of jealousy and shame. I already miss that place so much that I'm crying right now.


The entire day was such a blast, and I'm back in Chicago feeling more inspired and enthusiastic about my work than ever. Also, I've fallen deeply in love with Chilean wine, so I'm probably going to drink a lot more now. Oops!