Milton and Margie's Best-Sellers Large Collection (28 Candles); 15 oz. Cans


Milton and Margie's Best-Sellers Large Collection (28 Candles); 15 oz. Cans


This collection includes Milton and Margie's Soy Wax Candles's best-selling soy candles in upcycled cans. 

The Milton and Margie’s Best-Sellers Large pack includes the following:

  • 4 Tall Grass Soy Candles in 15 oz. upcycled cans (Jade)

  • 4 Dusk Soy Candles in 15 oz. upcycled cans (Rubellite)

  • 4 White Ginger with Amber Soy Candles in 15 oz. upcycled cans (Topaz)

  • 4 Wild Honey in 15 oz. upcycled cans (Citrine)

  • 4 Gin and Tonic in 15 oz. upcycled cans (Tourmaline)

  • 4 Cedar Campfire in 15 oz. upcycled cans (Onyx)

  • 4 Up North in 15 oz. upcycled cans (Sapphire)


All of Milton and Margie’s Soy Wax Candles are hand-poured in small batches. They are made from 100% pure soy wax, cotton wicks, and a blend of fine soy-based oils. 


White Ginger with Amber

white tea + ginger + amber + bergamot

Bright top notes of ginger and bergamot add sparkle to the soothing scents of white tea and amber. It’s a relaxing fragrance that creates a resplendent atmosphere for sipping tea and doing yoga—or guzzling coffee and pretending you like doing yoga.

Cedar Campfire

cedar + sandalwood + amber + grass

This woodsy, rustic scent conjures memories of gathering with friends and family around a bonfire on a brisk fall night. The smoky, outdoorsy fragrance warms up the room and acts as a beacon to all cowboys—or, more preferably, models dressed as cowboys—within a 10-mile radius.

Tall Grass

grass + wild flowers

Combining the green, summery scents of grass and wildflowers, this fragrance makes the room smell like a meadow in bloom. Just light the candle, close your eyes, and pretend you’re Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music.

Up North

lemongrass + sage + mulberry + orange + cedar campfire

In this full-bodied scent, tangy top notes of orange and mulberry weave through lemongrass and sage, balanced by cedar base notes. Herbal, citrus, and woodsy, this scent embodies the woodlands of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula—the glorious place where Disney found all of those singing creatures.

Wild Honey

honey + wild flowers

The musky-sweet scent of Minnesota buckwheat honey anchors top notes of wild flowers in this fragrance, perfectly embodying the complex, tangy scent of clover-fed, small-batch honey. It's sweet and calming in the exact way a porcelain doll collection can never hope to be.


blackberry + sage + sandalwood

This scent begins with a flash of fruity brightness before easing into a dark and woodsy complexity. Sparkling blackberry is balanced by the forest floor duo of sage and sandalwood, evoking memories of summer nights that linger into the wee hours. This fragrance vehemently disagrees with the statement, “Nothing good ever happens after midnight.”

Gin and Tonic

pine + lime + ginger + vetiver

Bright and sparkly, just like its namesake cocktail, this scent creates an invigorating, lively atmosphere ideal for parties. And though it smells like a classic gin and tonic, burning this candle will never make you say anything regrettable or impulse buy an above-ground pool online.


This hand-poured soy wax candle is in a reused can, meaning that no materials, energy, or waste goes into producing the container. I gather the cans from my own kitchen; friends, family, and customers; and a generous Chicago recycling center. I clean each one, transforming them from trash into a shiny, new candle holder.

As part of the Jewel Collection, each reused can is hand painted and accented with gold- or silver-leaf polka designs. Its clean, simple design complements a variety of home decor styles, and adds a pop of color to mantels, dining room tables, and shelves.

Because soy wax washes out easily with soap and hot water, you can reuse the stylish can as a pen holder or planter.


Height: 4.5"
Diameter: 3"
Weight: 15 oz.
Burn Time: ~120 hours


Soy wax is a natural, renewable alternative to traditional paraffin wax, which is made with coal or the same petroleum used to make plastic and motor oil. Because it is made from soy beans, soy wax is a sustainable resource that burns clean with none of the petrol-carbon soot that blackens walls, ceilings, and furniture. Beyond the environmental benefits, soy wax also burns longer than other kinds of wax, and soy candles boast a more powerful scent-throw to fill your room.

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