Last-Minute Christmas Gift: Learn How to Make Soy Candles

Maybe your girl friend is really hard to shop for, or maybe you haven't had time to shop this holiday season because you've just recently escaped the underground laboratory of a mad man who's spent the last seven years treating you as a lab rat in his unthinkable medical experiments. I don't know your life, and I'm certainly not judging you for not having your gifts all purchased and neatly wrapped under the tree.

I'm here to help. Instead of making a last-minute trip to the mall, you can give the gift of knowledge, experience, and booze through my Chicago soy candle making class on Dabble: Make Soy Candles and Drink Hot Toddies


Throughout the two-hour class at Paperish Mess, I teach folks how to make soy candles from start to finish, and send them home with their very own handmade soy candles in the containers of their choice. To spark on creativity (and further motivate people to leave their homes in January and February—life is hard), I'm serving complimentary hot toddies. 

Here are some students basking in the glory of their candle creations:


And here's an especially chic lineup of containers. When I saw these, I felt like a proud mother who had only just given birth. 


Perhaps best of all, if you register for a Dabble class during the 12 Days of Dabble, you'll be entered to win some amazing gifts and experiences. Milton and Margie's Soy Wax Candles is contributing a little something to the contest, so keep an eye out here!