Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub DIY

I am obsessed with this pink Himalayan salt scrub. Personal confession alert: My legs tend to be incredibly dry—Chicago winters—and I get a lot of in-grown hairs on the outsides of my upper thighs—probably because my jeans fit like sausage casings—and regular lotion just doesn't do anything for these issues. But ever since I started using this pink Himalayan salt scrub, my legs are smooth, soft, and free of bumps, and, most importantly, they're not itchy due to dry skin. They kind of look like the inhumanly shiny legs of celebrities on late-night talk shows (but, like, fatter—and I'm okay with that). It smells amazing and will leave your skin with a bright, youthful glow.

This DIY salt scrub recipe is super easy, and you just need a few ingredients and about 10 minutes. 

DIY Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub Recipe


Combine the above ingredients in a bowl and simply stir them with a metal spoon, and boom! You have an incredibly hydrating sea salt scrub. I store mine in a mason jar with a metal lid. If you don't use it frequently, store it in the refrigerator to make it last longer. It's gentle enough to use every other shower or so, and I especially like to use it while taking a bath with my DIY lavender and rosemary bath salts and burning a Lavender Lemon soy candle. Enjoy!