vanilla + hazelnut

This decadent fragrance embodies the rich aroma of buttercream frosting. The pairing of vanilla and hazelnut is so sweet, that you might be tempted to actually eat these candles. While smelling this delicious scent, you won’t consume a single calorie, but Milton and Margie’s isn’t responsible for any craving-induced trips to the nearest cupcake shop.

Cinnamon Clove

cinnamon + clove + dried fruit

With a rich heart of cinnamon and spicy undertones of clove, this scent is an inviting blend for fall and winter. The rich, ambrosial fragrance makes rooms feel cozy and warm, much like a welcoming bed-and-breakfast owner who is also a kitten.

Cedar Campfire

cedar + sandalwood + amber + grass

This woodsy, rustic scent conjures memories of gathering with friends and family around a bonfire on a brisk fall night. The smoky, outdoorsy fragrance warms up the room and acts as a beacon to all cowboys—or, more preferably, models dressed as cowboys—within a 10-mile radius.


blackberry + sage + sandalwood

This scent begins with a flash of fruity brightness before easing into a dark and woodsy complexity. Sparkling blackberry is balanced by the forest floor duo of sage and sandalwood, evoking memories of summer nights that linger into the wee hours. This fragrance vehemently disagrees with the statement, “Nothing good ever happens after midnight.”

Gin and Tonic 

pine + lime + ginger

Bright and sparkly, just like its namesake cocktail, this scent creates an invigorating, lively atmosphere ideal for parties. And though it smells like a classic gin and tonic, burning this candle will never make you say anything regrettable or impulse buy an above-ground pool online. 

Great Lakes - New!

fig + coriander rosewater + lavender + patchouli + garden dirt

Cool and earthy, this refreshing fragrance will transport you to the Midwest’s pride: The Great Lakes. The calming aqua scent calls to mind sparkling waters lapping on sandy shores, and serves as a reminder that it’s not always winter in the Midwest.

Lavender Lemon

lavender + lemon

In this clean, bright blend, the classic floral scent of lavender adds softness to the zesty aroma of lemon, creating a refreshing, serene atmosphere. With this candle burning, your guests will think you're the kind of person who harvests and dries bunches of lavender from your urban garden and keeps a bowl of organic lemons on your marble countertop. 

Market Days 

blood orange + mango + red currant + sandalwood

This scent is a zesty, juicy combination of blood orange and mango, complemented by the tartness of red currant and soft, warm notes of sandalwood. The bright, energizing scent brings to mind sipping organic juices and browsing rows of fresh fruit at a quaint neighborhood market that you secretly wish you could squat in.

Tall Grass

grass + wild flowers

Combining the green, summery scents of grass and wildflowers, this fragrance makes the room smell like a meadow in bloom. Just light the candle, close your eyes, and pretend you’re Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music. 

Up North

lemongrass + sage + mulberry + orange + cedar campfire

In this full-bodied scent, tangy top notes of orange and mulberry weave through lemongrass and sage, balanced by cedar base notes. Herbal, citrus, and woodsy, this scent embodies the woodlands of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula—the glorious place where Disney found all of those singing creatures. 

Vanilla Tobacco

vanilla + cedar + sandalwood + leather

This intoxicating scent is rich, woodsy, and dark with a hint of vanilla. It’s rugged yet warm, a lot like a brooding man who doesn’t smile much, but sheds a single, silent tear while watching videos of lost pets being reunited with their owners.

White Ginger with Amber

white tea + ginger + amber + bergamot

Bright top notes of ginger and bergamot add sparkle to the soothing scents of white tea and amber. It’s a relaxing fragrance that creates a resplendent atmosphere for sipping tea and doing yoga—or guzzling coffee and pretending you like doing yoga. 

Wild Honey

honey + wild flowers

The musky-sweet scent of Minnesota buckwheat honey anchors top notes of wild flowers in this fragrance, perfectly embodying the complex, tangy scent of clover-fed, small-batch honey. It's sweet and calming in the exact way a porcelain doll collection can never hope to be.

Wild Rose

rose + aloe + clover + vanilla + musk

This entrancing concoction blends the energizing green scents of aloe and clover with heart notes of rose and vanilla, balanced by the sumptuous aroma of musk. Uplifting yet dark and sensual, this fragrance is totally a Samantha.


Caramel Apple

caramel + apple

The sweet, tart, and velvety aroma of caramel apple fills the room with a cozy ambience. Its crisp, tangy top notes of apple blend with rich caramel, perfectly encapsulating the fall treat. Best of all, you don’t have to worry about losing a filling while enjoying this caramel apple delight.

Cranberry Citrus Spice

cinnamon + cranberry + grapefruit + tangerine + orange + lemon +lime

The warm aroma of cinnamon plays off sweet and tangy cranberry notes, while citrus top notes lend a bright and energizing feel to the fragrance. This blend fills the room with a comforting ambience, perfect for fall, when you can see winter off in the distance laughing, dancing, and holding up two middle fingers.

Deck the Halls

spruce + raspberry + cranberry + grapefruit + lemon + mint + clove + rosemary

This fragrance is an enchanting blend of spruce, mint, and clove balanced with tangy citrus and berry top notes. With its pine-infused nostalgic scent, it makes the room smell like A Charlie Brown Christmas.


True to its name, this fragrance perfectly encapsulates the energizing scent of peppermint. It’s an ideal scent for the holiday season—whenever the children are acting up, light the candle and tell them it's the smell of Santa judging them.

Pumpkin Pie

cinnamon + ginger + pumpkin + brown sugar + vanilla + orange

This scent re-creates the rich, sweet, cinnamon-infused aroma of pumpkin pie. The embodiment of its name, it’s the quintessential scent for autumn or when you want to pretend it's autumn so you can justify drinking a pumpkin spice latte. 

Wildwood Winter

pine + apple butter + cedar campfire + peppermint  

This warm, inviting fragrance makes winter’s white-knuckle-tight grasp feel more like a gentle embrace that understands why you never want to leave the house.